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Adding A Trusted Phone Number For Two Factor Authentication (2FA)


You need to add our phone number as a trusted phone number to your organisation Apple ID (not your personal one) so we are able to receive the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) code on your phone in order to submit the iOS app to your Apple Developer account, as they are linked.

Note: For more details on how trusted phone number verification works, please see Apple's Manage Your Account article.

Adding a Trusted Number

To add a trusted phone number, please follow the steps below. Note that just for the first time you may need to arrange this step over the phone so we can provide the SMS code or we can arrange a time by email and look out for it and return the code, but do also provide your mobile number in case. 

  1.  Log into your Apple ID account page and : 

a. Go to Security > Edit > Add a Trusted Phone Number.

b. Enter our phone number, select a verification method, then click Send.

Please email us for our trusted number. 

Again, for this step, we need to arrange a time for us to send you the code to verify our number as the additional trusted number.

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