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Improving The Performance Of A Slow App


A Splash Loading Screen is the first image a user sees when they launch an app (iOS and/or Android app). This article outlines useful information about splash screens providing tips about what type of images you should use.

Note: For PWA in general keep your images below 200KB in file size to ensure optimised loading times, otherwise the app will slow down.   For example, Thumbnails used for places to contact feature that are 200x200px should not be more than 50kb.


  • Splash loading screens are great, easy-to-create images that can help expand your brand. As the first image a user sees when they launch an app, a splash loading screen can serve as a great marketing tool and should be used tactfully.

Splash Loading Screen Tips

  • Use high-quality images that are below 500 KB in size for optimum loading time. An image of 100KB can still be of high quality. This way you will optimize the loading time. You can use various compression tools (eg Adobe photoshop, Imageoptim, Riot) to reduce the image size without compromising the quality (lossless compression)  For PWA's it should be lower.
  • Use PNG format for images with a small number of details (eg logos, icons) or else JPEG images. GIF images are not recommended as they are expected to get distorted due to their size/quality ratio.
  • Include your app company logo/name if your customer has granted you permission to do so. This is a great way to promote your services.
  • Don't include any copyrighted material not owned by you or your client.
  • (applicable to iOS) Don't include references to smartphone companies such as Apple, Android, Windows, etc. This can lead to an Apple rejection.
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