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The News Feature


The News feature is an excellent way of keeping users updated with the latest industry, social or business news, which is perfect for these industries:

  • Community

  • Education

  • Politics 


Adding the News Feature ( if its already added, skip to step 4)

  1. On CMS, go to Create > Build and click the +Add link next to the FEATURES section:


  2. In the search bar, type News. Click the News feature from the results and click the Select button:


  3. Customize the name of the feature and click the Add button. The new feature will appear in the left side menu.

  4. Click your newly-created feature to add content and other customizations:


News Feature Tabs


On your News feature's page, there are two tabs that will allow you to add content and customizations  

Note:  Changing the custom design is strictly for our app builders and resellers and not for clients who have had their app built.  Any changes to the design is at your own risk.

  • Content

  • Custom Design



The Content section allows you to rename the feature, configure your settings, and select your keywords.
  1. Under the Screen Info section, change your Screen/Feature Name or leave it as it is, depending on your preference. Your chosen feature's name will appear in the app's feature menu (e.g., In the News, News, etc.):


  2. Remember there are 2 ways to configure the News Feature. Choose between the Custom News or Social News option. Toggling the Display Homescreen Ticker switch on will give you the option to display the news ticker at the bottom of the app's home screen:

  3. The Custom News Ticker will give you the option to create an unlimited number of Headlines.

    • You can link each headline with either a feature or a nested feature of the app (identical to the animated images). You may also link a headline with a unique URL, which does not have to be an existing website feature.

    • Each headline will also have a Description field (optional and limited in size), which will allow you to write more details.


  4. The Social News Ticker gives you the option to add keywords for each news source. Adding more keywords narrows your search. To obtain optimal results, limit your keywords to one to three keywords (e.g., Italian restaurant, San Francisco).

    Note: Keywords have to be provided for Google and Twitter to enable the Social News option. Alternatively, you may use the Custom option.

    Google News Keywords Add keywords separated by commas, which will be used to search relevant articles in Google News.
    Twitter Keywords Add keywords or hashtags separated by commas, which will be used to search for relevant and public tweets (including all keywords) on Twitter. (This feature is currently not functioning as designed due to changes in Twitter's policies. We are working on resolving this.)
    Facebook Keywords Removed as of February 2015.


  5. Click the Save button at the top-right corner of the page.


Custom Design

You can also create custom designs for the News feature, instead of using the Global Design.



Choose files or drag and drop files
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