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Replacing Image in the Library

Q. Is there a large image that's taking up too much space, loading slowly or an image that needs replacing in multiple places.  If so we have installed a handy widget to replace images,   saving you the hassle of doing it manually. 

Note:  This 'Replace Media Widget' is a 3rd party tool added to enhance your site.  We do not offer support on this widget its for your convenience. 

Always replace images with optimised web images

The 2 options:

1. Remember you can still delete and replace images from the media library manually or go to the page that holds the image and replace it there.   

2.  The 'Replace Image Widget'

First, go to the media library, click the image and then click upload a new file.  See below.

The upload options.

It’s simple to replace a file

  1. Just replace the file. This option requires you to upload a file of the same type as the one you are replacing. The name of the attachment will stay the same no matter what the file you upload is called.
  2. Replace the file, use the new file name and update all links. If you check this option, the name and type of the file you are about to upload will replace the old file. All links pointing to the current file will be updated to point to the new file name, best to stick to option 1.

If you like to watch a YouTube video on this feature, skip to 1:40 to 2:50

Choose files or drag and drop files
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