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Authorise an additional user to your Google Play developer account

Authorising a new user to your existing Google Play developer account is free. After completing the steps in this document you will have a new (additional) Google account which can be used to access your existing Google Play developer console.

How to add an additional user to your Google Play developer account.

  1. Logout of all Google services.
  2. Navigate to and register a new Gmail account. (e.g.: OR use your existing email address.
  3. During the account registration, you'll be asked to add login verification to the account. Make sure to only add a recovery phone number here. Do not turn on two-step login verification.
  4. After successfully registering a new Gmail account, logout of Google.

  5. Navigate to and login with your existing Google Play developer account.

    Note: If you're asked to register as a Google Play developer, please restart from step 3.

  6. After logging in to the Google Play developer console, go to Settings -> Users & permissions.
  7. Click the "Invite new user" button in the top-right corner of the screen.


  8. When prompted for an email address, enter the email address you've created in step 2, and give the user Administrator rights.


  9. Logout of the Google Play developer console.

  10. Navigate to and login with the new account created in step 2. OR use you existing email you registered.
  11. Open and accept the invitation mail you've sent yourself in step 7.

After completing the steps above, you've created a new user in your Google Play developer console. You will be able to use the email address and password of this new user to publish your app

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