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Sign-Up/Login Feature


The Sign-Up feature gives the option to the app user to sign-up so they can login and visit your app. This will provide them with a pleasing and tailored to their needs app onboarding experience


App user onboarding is the first point of contact (users get a login page and then can access the app features) and, therefore, the key to making a great first impression with customers.

Onboarding is one of the most critical phases in an app user's journey. The App User Onboarding process provides a seamless and straightforward walkthrough that educates customers on the value of the app, as well as its feature permission requests.

The sign-up feature is used to help you put a name and face to app users. In essence, it allows app users to create accounts. This creates an authentication workflow that allows you to control access to your app and learn more about your users.


  1. Go to the Build step in the CMS.
  2. Under APP ONBOARDING of the features list, click on Sign-up | Log-in > Get Started.
  3. To enable it, switch the Configure the screens and messaging for sign-up and log-in slider.
  4. In the Content tab, you will see the available options to configure App Onboarding Sign-up, Log-In, Consent, and Loyalty settings as you scroll down. Once one of the cells is clicked (Sign-up Options in this case) and saved, the App Preview on the right will show an example of this exact screen displaying the Sign-up Options.


Note: The view may be different if Group Management Add-on is enabled. Premium add-on

5. In the Custom Design tab, you can customize the look and feel of your sign-up featuresign-up_design.png

NOTE: We highly recommend setting up both the Walkthrough and Sign-up features simultaneously.


App Onboarding Sign-up

  • Sign-up Options: It allows you to configure how new users will sign up on your app.
    • Allow users to skip sign-up: This will add a Not Now button at the bottom of the screen to allow the users to skip the login.
    • Allow sign-up with social media: This option lets you choose and allow which social media options are available for the users to create an account with.

  • Email Account Creation: This is not configurable, unless you have enabled Group Management.  Premium Add-on.  If applicable.
  • Account Profile - Name Request: The following screen allows you to customize the text that is displayed (along with a birthday intake form).



  • The Log-in option screens for existing users to log in to the app.
  • Reset Password and Reset Password Confirmation: These cells allow you to customize the text shown on the password reset pages.



  • Sign-up Consent pop-up (GDPR-compliant).


    The Consent feature was initially built as a tool to aid your application for compliance with the GDPR. It allows you to ask your app users for consent regarding email marketing, analytics data sharing, and a consent workflow for users under the age of 16.

    Note: We have pre-filled these fields with some example text. Please ensure that this is configured in accordance with your business and its compliance with the GDPR. These consent options are directly tied to our software and are not to be used for other messages than their intended purpose.

    • The Email Marketing consent field is in place to ask your customers if they consent to any email marketing services you may have in place. You will also see a checkmark in the Customers list indicating if the user has consented or not.
    • The Data and Analytics field, when unchecked, will no longer track that user's activity when using the app.
    • The Age verification flow is designed to ensure that users under the age of 16 must receive permission to use the application from their parent or guardian. This field is optional to give you more control over your application.
  • The GDPR requires logging of the consent for each user, including what the exact consent message was displayed at the time of consent. We have built a logging system that keeps records of this information. There are two other details mentioned in the law:

    • You are required to show the customers their consent choices periodically.
    • If the consent message is changed, you will need to show the consent options again.
  • We have built a solution for both of these. If you adjust the consent messages in any way, your users will be shown this consent pop-up again when they launch the application next time.

Custom Design

  • The design settings will be imported from your Global Design. However, you can modify these by using the settings under Custom Design. These settings will be used each time the Sign-up | Log-in screens are displayed, regardless if it is on an app launch or while using a feature like Loyalty.
  • The main Sign-up page's Branding (YOURLOGO) and Background are configured from the below section.


  • The background image is blurred by default, so it will not hide/overlap the text you add.
  • The Branding image configured in the Custom Design tab of the Sign-up feature is different from the one configured in the Custom Design tab of the Walkthrough feature.



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