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Redirecting To Native App Or PWA


It is recommended you redirect the users accessing your app on the Android or iOS devices to your native app or the PWA version. This article outlines the process of enabling your website to redirect the users to your Web App by the use of a script or a QR code and then - if possible - to the native app


You will want your users when using their mobile devices to be able to access either the PWA or the Native App version of you app so they can view the content of your site in a specially designed and optimal manner.


  • PWA (Progressive Web App type)
  • (applicable to Website Redirect) Access to edit your website's code.
  • (applicable to QR Code) QR Scanner app installed on your mobile device.


Redirect to Web App

Enabling Your Website Redirect

You can use the redirect script to allow the site to recognize when someone is visiting from their phone and automatically send them to the Web App for optimal viewing.

  1. Download or view the redirect attachment from the Web App Publishing information in the email received after you published your PWA. 
  2. Copy the redirect script and paste it into the header of the front-end site's home page. This is only possible if you have access to edit your website's code. 

    • Don't add this script to each page of the front-end site, because that will result in an endless loop that prevents users from visiting specific pages of your front-end site on their phone. The home page header is enough.
    • If you have already set up a custom domain for your PWA, you'll want to replace the entire URL in the redirect script with the custom URL you created.
    • You can see below the corresponding excerpt from the script


 3. Access your site's URL on your mobile device's browser.

Using Your QR Code

QR codes are basically bar codes that contain a URL. The process is as follows:

  1. You can download your Web App QR code from the email with Web App Publishing information you received after you published your PWA.

  2. Use your QR scanner app and scan the code.
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