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Design Step Overview


The Design Step is where you design the layout for your app's homescreen, customize your navigation button, and create each feature's styling, such as the colour and font. This is where you will begin the app-building process, but you can continually add or remove features as you please after you have moved onto the subsequent steps. 

This article provides information on what you can do in the Design step. 


The Design Step is divided into three main sections: Homescreen, Navigation, and Global Styling.

Below are some of the things that you can do in each section. 


  • Choose layout: Slide Out Menu, Grid Menu, Scrolling Menu, Tab Bar Menu.
  • Choose a background colour.
  • Use the Branding tool (for your company logo).
  • Add a homescreen background image (recommended size: 640x1136px).
  • Add carousel images (add up to 5 images).
  • Navigation Buttons (under Scrolling Menu) images recommended width is 1080px.
  • For more information on setting up the Homescreen, check out the article Setting Up Homescreen Background and Carousel Images.



  • Choose an Icon colour.
  • Select the Menu Text colour.
  • Select Background colour.
  • Add custom Icon background images.
  • Enable or disable Button text and icons.
  • Choose Homescreen Shortcut colour.


Global Styling 

  • Has preset and custom options.
  • Choose the Main App colour.
  • Choose UI Bar Text colour.
  • Choose a Main Text colour.
  • Choose a Background colour.
  • Choose Font and Font Weight.
  • Add a Global screen background.
  • Add a Header background image.


Note: All settings in the Global Styling section will apply to all the features throughout your app. if you wish to create a custom design for one of your features, use the Custom Design option in the Build section.

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