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Configuring the Walkthrough Feature


This article provides information on different components of the Walkthrough feature and the steps for configuring it. 

With our North Park update, you can quickly add a well-designed and branded Walkthrough feature to your application. This feature is a sequence of screens shown on first use to welcome new users to your app and maximize sign-ups and opt-ins for messaging and location services. It is at this point that the feature would request permissions from the user for pushing notifications and enabling location services. 

Watch the video below for more information on the benefits of the Walkthrough feature and how you can set it up.



  1. Navigate to Create > Build step in the CMS.

  2. Under App Onboarding of the features list, click Walkthrough.

  3. To enable it, switch the Configure the screens and messaging for sign-up and log-in slider.

  4. In the Content tab, you will see the available options to configure the Welcome screen, Push Notification Opt-in, Location Services Opt-in, and Sign-up Services.

    Once one of the cells is clicked (Welcome in this case) and then saved, the App Preview on the right will show an example of this exact screen displaying the Sign-up options.

    Let's break down each of the settings available in the Walkthrough feature: 

    Welcome Screen

    1. Here you can customize the welcome message under Headline and a short introduction under Message about the app benefits.


      Push Notification Opt-in

      The goal here is to best articulate how your users will benefit from your app by accepting push notifications.

      • If you are known to provide useful updates throughout the week or perhaps flash sales or deals, this is the first place to let your users know about it.
      • If done correctly, this brief explanation for the push notifications prompt can exponentially increase the percentage of users who accept it.
      • Users can also adjust the phone graphic that is used here from the Custom Design page, giving you another option to let your brand speak.
    2. mceclip2.png

      Location Services Opt-in

      Your users can benefit greatly by sharing their location, and you can provide excellent customer experience using it. You can use it for finding their location for food order delivery, seeing their position to use the Around Us > Points of Interest feature, or to direct location-specific geofencing push notifications.

      • Use the Headline and Message fields to put the information to educate your users, so they stress less about providing you with this valuable data.
      • Users can also adjust the location graphic that is used here from the Custom Design page, giving you another option to let your brand speak.
    3. mceclip3.png
      Sign-Up Request

      This is an optional screen and is only available if you have the Sign-Up feature enabled. We recommend using it.

      • Once enabled, this screen helps educate your new user on the benefits of creating an account. By doing so, you can grab valuable user data straight from your mobile app.
      • Users can also adjust the social image that is used here from the Custom Design page, giving you another option to let your brand speak.
    4. mceclip4.png

    5. Configure the Custome Design tab.

      The design settings are imported from your Global Design. However, you can modify these settings under Custom Design. These settings are used each time the Walkthrough feature is displayed.

      Global Screen Styling 

      Here you have the option to change:

      • The colour for the background, text, or buttons.
      • Branding: You can automatically set the same logo or image that you added in the Design > Branding section. Click the Edit button to use a different image.
      • Background Image: No background image is set by default. If you add one, it will appear instead of the background colour set.
    6. mceclip5.png

      Screen Graphics

      A graphic can be added to each of the Walkthrough options below. Just click Edit to add the image.


    7. After you have configured all settings, please click the Save button to apply all your changes.
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