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Design Step Checklist Overview

The Design Step is where you design the layout for your app's homescreen, customize your navigation button, and create each feature's styling, such as the color and font. This is where you will begin the app-building process, but you can continually add or remove features as you please after you have moved onto the subsequent steps.

Here You Can:

  • Choose the navigation type, additional buttons, and shortcuts.
  • Set the header background colour and background image for the homescreen.
  • Set the screen background colour and background images for the homescreen. 
  • Add homescreen animated images.
  • Choose navigation buttons. 
  • Choose a header background and header text colour for the features.
  • Choose a screen background, font and text colour for the features.
  • Choose a custom colour scheme or customize your own. 
  • Customize the button text colour and background colour.

Three Main Sections of the Design Step:

  • Homescreen Layout
  • Navigation Styling
  • Global Styling
Choose files or drag and drop files
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