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How to set Groups


Our platform gives you the option to arrange your users into groups. You can select the app features you want the users of a group to access and you can take actions in bulk for the group members (eg send push notifications).

This article describes the process of creating and managing groups and setting up their access to specific features/tabs content. 


  • Group Management Add-on should be enabled


 Creating a Group

  1. Navigate to Manage -> Customers -> Groups tab and click ADD GROUP.
  2. Enter a Unique Group Name. Under Assign a Color, select a group color from the drop-down menu. Click Next.
  3. Select the features that you want the users to access. Click Save.


Editing Group Access

  1. In the Manage -> Customers -> Groups page hover over the Group of your preference. Click the three-dot menu. Select Edit.

  2. Select the features. Click Save.


Deleting a group

 In the Manage -> Customers -> Groups page hover over the Group of your preference. Click the three-dot menu. Select Delete.


⚠ IMPORTANT: Once a group is deleted, the deletion cannot be reversed. BiznessApps cannot restore the deleted group. If a group is deleted, the group's users are not deleted but are instead moved to the unassigned group.

Group Log-in Settings (when 'Group Management' Add-On is enabled)

To access the Group Log-in settings, follow the steps below:

Navigate to Manage -> Customers -> Groups and click Login Settings.


Clicking Login Settings directs you to the Build page. Here, under APP ONBOARDING, you can find Group Log-in instead of Sign-up | Log-in.


Here is an example of the Group Log-in screen. It is similar to its 'cousin' feature, the Sign-Up feature:


 User Log-in (When 'Group Management' Add-On is not enabled)

You can now add a custom message that shows on your groups' login page. You can also allow users to enter as a guest user by toggling the Allow Guest Access option. You can configure the specific features that the guest users can access within the groups' page.


Account Request and Confirmation

A self-sign-up feature called Account Request is also available. To activate this feature, you can toggle the Allow account request option so that users can request access to the app.


Allowing account request creates a new group on your Groups Management page., called Requested Access.


When a user requests an account, they are allowed into the app and can access the features that you assigned to the Requested Access group. By default, the Requested Access group does not provide access to any features. You can edit the view permissions for the Requested Access group from the Groups page.

Once the users request access through the app, the app admin receives an email informing them that they have a new user request. See the example below:

Hello {OWNER},

{NAME} has requested app access to the {APPNAME} app.
Please Log-in and add them to a group.


Move users to another group

You can also assign the users to a more appropriate group from the Groups Management page. To move the users into another group, follow the steps below:

1. Open the Access group you want to move your user from. 

2. Select the user that you want to reassign.


3. Click on the three-dot menu. Click Add to Group. Select the group to which you want to move the user. 


Note: When you move a user to some other group, an automated push notification to that user is sent so they can get notified they are granted access to this new group. By design, this appears only on the phone and you will not be able to find it in the app messages/notification settings (where all the notifications sent from the app builder are stored)


If you want to test if a group got created successfully and that you assigned the features you want its users to have access to correctly, you can navigate to Manage -> Customers -> Groups menu and search for the group you are interested in.

For instance, in the following screenshot, the user has created 'Group A' and assigned 12 App Features, amongst which the 'About Us' and the 'BH To-GO' features.



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